Transforming shop windows into stunning retail spaces

Businesses are increasingly looking at shop windows as opportunities to create stunning retail spaces that are transformed into powerful brand experiences.

Window displays are valuable marketing assets. A shop front on a prime shopping street has the potential for creating a huge impact for a brand that wishes to tell a story, engage with an audience and capture the imagination of passing trade.

Despite the growth and significance of digital for marketing; retail spaces have maintained their level of importance. It can perhaps be argued that shop windows and floors are even more important today as a vehicle to cut through the online noise, help to differentiate a product, add excitement to a larger campaign, highlight a brands unique personality and provide an offline experience the reinforces and defends an online campaign. Everything offline is online these days too with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook sharing of images.

We really enjoyed reading this recent article in Marketing Week, “Why retailers are turning shop fronts into high impact outdoor ads”

What the Beyoncé, and other campaigns highlighted in the article, achieved was to really capture the imagination of the consumers as well as speak directly about the brands that were ‘owning’ the space.

At the Graphic Mill we have been very excited to work with a number of premium food brands on transforming the window spaces of Whole Foods Market on Kensington High Street into a creative and branded event space. This year we have already worked with Plenish Cleanse, Rude Health and Soupologie and have more projects lined up. This has been an aspect of large scale graphics, design and production that we really enjoy and our team excels at. It is exciting to create and build a ‘story’ within a space. It is thrilling to work with designers and turn their visions into reality. It is rewarding to create a space that excites and invites an audience.

For example, for Rude Health’s month long display in the Whole Food’s window during April, our brief was to create a highly impactful, colourful, fun and engaging display, whilst at the same time keeping things very simple.

Rude Health wanted to really entice and attract customers into the retail space with the display, and not just have a simple branded window with some samples. Rude Health also wanted a focused campaign featuring their incredibly versatile Almond Drink.

Initial ideas discussed at the planning stage included bringing the ‘Pop Art’ element from Rude Health cartons to the window and developing large packs of the Almond Milk cartons in a similar style to the old Lucozade advert on the M4. What we ended up constructing was a giant almond milk carton with illuminated milk that poured into an acrylic glass – very reminiscent of the iconic Lucozade bottle advert but with a Rude Health take on it.

As we are very familiar with working with the dimensions and the style of the Whole Foods window space, we were also able to pull together all the elements of design in 3D ‘before’ we went into production. By providing 3D designs we are able to really ensure that a display ‘fits’ the space, with maximum impact and ensuring good ‘flow’.

Really working with a window display is an opportunity to connect, get up close and personal with your target audience, create curiosity about what may be inside and behind the display, as well as ensure that your brand or product really stands out from the crowd.

If you would like to discuss your next window display project with the Graphic Mill team, then please get in touch.