5 solutions for a show stopping shell scheme stand

Exhibition organisers won’t let you stick Velcro or tape to the shell scheme frame unless you want to risk a hefty fine. So how do you go about creating a stand out graphic backdrop for your shell scheme? We’ve rounded up the most simple and effective ways to decorate a blank stand space with vibrant shell scheme exhibition graphics.

01. Fabric Graphics with Shell Clad Clips

Full size fabric graphics are a great way to cover shell scheme walls. You can fix these to the shell scheme using shell clad clips that slot directly into the aluminium framework to create a Velcro post that you can fix your graphics to. Fabric graphics and shell clad clips are a quick, simple and lightweight solution for seamless shell scheme exhibition graphics.



02. Freestanding Flexible Display

A freestanding display works really well in an exhibition shell scheme. Look for a system that stands close to the shell scheme walls so that precious floor space isn’t wasted. Check out our MagX display system designed specifically for this. These systems flex and adapt to any sized space so work really well when different sized stand spaces are used throughout the year.



03. Rollable Graphics with Shell Clad Clips

Using rollable graphic panels fixed to the shell scheme with shell clad clips creates a great modular shell scheme backdrop without losing any all important floor space. These graphic panels can be rolled up and stored in graphic drums for easy transportation. The super high definition print creates a really sharp graphic backdrop to any shell scheme.


04. Foamex Graphics with Spacer Blocks

Foamex panels are cost effective solution to create a seamless graphic backdrop. The panels can either be fixed to the shell scheme using shell clad clips or by fixing wooden spacer blocks to the shells scheme panels. However, due to the size of the rigid graphic panels, transporting the graphics to and from the exhibition can be difficult without a van.



05. Pop Ups and Roller Banners

The simplest solution for displaying graphics in a shell scheme will always be roller banners and pop ups. Roller banners are fast to assemble to create an instant display. Pop up banners create much larger cost effective graphic displays. The pop up display lattice framework achieves a stable display unfortunately at the expense of losing valuable floor space. Counters can be added to create a customer facing space for client communication, product sampling or platform for laptops or tablets.


Now that you know your shell scheme exhibition graphic options you’re ready to design your display to stands out from the crowd!