8 tips to make your next exhibition a blinding success

Obviously, here at the Graphic Mill we believe a really good exhibition stand can make all the difference for your company’s success at a show.

However, we’re not going to argue that it is the ONLY important factor to consider. There are many ways you can boost your presence at a show or exhibition. Here we explore some of them.

Let people know that you’ll be there

Most people sign up for an event and assume the organisers will promote it.

There will be a marketing plan around the event of course, but it’s unlikely to be targeted to the audience you most want to reach. Make sure in the lead up that you tell your existing customers and those you’d like to work with, that you’ll be at the show. Let them know why they should visit you there. Use your networks, your mailing lists and Social Media accounts to spread the word. You may also want to run your own adverts in event ‘Preview’ issues, telling visitors where they can find you.

Research has shown that 83 per cent of the companies that get the most business generated and leads collected at events were those that took the trouble to mail to their prospects and customers before the show.

Why will you be interesting?

When you contact people to tell them about the show, make sure you are explicit in telling them why they should come and see you. What will you be doing at the show that sets you apart? What will your visitors be able to see or experience? Why will your stand be particularly interesting to them? Think about it and then communicate it!

Make it easy for key people to attend

Give out tickets in your company’s reception area or ask your sales people to distribute tickets to those organisations you’d most like to attend the show. You could position these invitees as your company’s VIP guests and offer them something additional when they visit your stand at the show. Make sure you send out all the tickets that the show organisers provide.

Use your website

Most events have their own websites which are used to promote the show and register visitors. Find out if the show site can provide a link to your company’s website, and offer to link back in return. You could even include a news item or blog post about about the show in return for extra publicity on the show’s website.

Use your social networks

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are great for communicating with your customers about your presence at a show. Look at the companies that are exhibiting at the show and engage with them through. The show itself is likely to have a social media presence – maybe a Twitter account or hashtag, or a Facebook page. By following these feeds you can engage with other people attending the event and make valuable connections before the day. Designate a member of your team to focus solely on sharing social media updates at the show – everyone else will be too busy meeting all of your new leads!

Use your email signature

Adjust your email settings to include a signature that urges the people you contact to visit you on your stand. Keep it short and sweet, but make it engaging. You could always link to a blog or news item about your company at the event if there is too much to fit in a signature!

Get your print ready

Make sure you order enough business cards for you and your staff. Every person attending will need cards. Think about whether you need to order capture pads, a new print run on your brochures or more leaflets in advance. Will your staff wear a uniform or corporate colours and if so, have you communicated this to them and ordered it? People always forget pens at events. Make sure you’ve ordered yours in advance and that you’ve had them branded with your company’s details.

Finally – the exhibition stand!

Now that you’ve told everyone you know about the event and you’re expecting to see all of your existing and potential customers, you’ll want to make sure your stand really wows them! There are many options to exhibiting at a show, from fully serviced custom exhibition stands to self build portable displays. The Graphic Mill covers everything from the design and build, to the delivery, installation, interiors, lighting and even the storage afterwards if you need it. Speak to our experienced team in order to start the process of creating your winning exhibition stand.