Intro to the Aluvision Exhibition Stand System

We love using the Aluvision exhibition stand system as the backbone to our custom exhibition stands because the sharp frames create the custom look that we always aim for, even with tight budgets.

Also, using standard Aluvision wall frames allows us to build the basic stand structure quickly and efficiently. Each frame is easily joined using too-free quick connectors allowing us to build structures 4m high without any issues. The panels are easy to link so large structures can be built in no time at all saving on installation costs.

The Aluvision frame system allows us to build large straight or curved walls with either hard panels or fabric walls giving us the flexibility to really work with the space. Large fabric graphics can be stretched across multiple frame sections to create large seamless graphics even when individual panels are being displayed on the other side.

This video demonstrates the Aluvision concept really well:

Stands built using Aluvision panels are really easy to transport and store. Check out this video that shows how simple it is to pack and transport a stand:

For superior lighting for a stand, Aluvision also supply one of the best LED exhibition lights on the market: the PUCK Flex. This light not only looks sharp on top of stands but the quality and spread of clean white light is fantastic. An invisible hinge in the arm makes it possible to change the focus of light.

aluvision puck flex exhibition light

Another option for lighting a stand is to use lighting behind the graphic. These create really bright and eye catching graphics. The Aluvision light boxes use super bright LED lights on the edges of the frame behind the graphic to light the entire image. These light boxes are designed for life on the road so are easy to transport along with the rest of the strand.


The Aluvision system is available for purchase or can be hired directly from The Graphic Mill. We offer a personalised 3D exhibition stand design service so do get in touch with Dan or Gordon to see how Aluvision could work for your next exhibition stand.

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