Exhibition Newbie? How to get the most from your very first exhibition

Are you an Exhibition Newbie?

You know that the next step in your marketing vision for your business is to attend a trade show or exhibition. For where better can you reach new audiences on a large scale and experience that golden face to face marketing?

But….what if exhibitions and trade shows are a whole new world for you and you have never attended one as a seller? What if this is your very first exhibition? How do you decide on the stand space? What do you need to think about to make sure you maximise your potential?

Below are some simple tips on how to make the most from your very first exhibition….

Do your research

Before you begin you need to do some research on which exhibition to attend. You probably already have a good idea which one is relevant for your business. If you have not thought about your goals and why you want to exhibit, then this is the first stage for a successful event.

Narrow down your options. Visit the exhibition as a visitor first if at all possible. Check out reviews online and see what other exhibitors have said about attending. Have your competitors signed up? What are the expected visitor numbers? How are the event managers marketing the event? Is it targeting your audience and therefore right for your business?

Know your vision

Once you have narrowed down which exhibition you will attend, then it is time to really think about what you want to achieve from the event. Think big and brainstorm ideas. Is it new customers you want to meet? Or brand awareness? Are you directly selling on the day?

Have an idea of what you want your stand to achieve and then you can decide upon which size stand to book. Once you have a brief you can speak to a specialist agency like the Graphic Mill to help you come up with visuals that will then be built into a show stopping stand.

Create marketing plan

You have booked your stand and the exhibition is in the diary and so now is the time to create a comprehensive marketing plan.

Plan ahead and think about who you are going to target, what message you want to get across and how you are going to do it. Think social media, your list of current clients, advertising and PR opportunities.

Contact the event managers and see what options for marketing they may have. Make sure you are telling customers and potential customers to expect to see you at the show!

Stick to your budget

Exhibition attendance can be expensive but it is very possible to stick to a budget. When you are briefing for your stand to be built, ensure that you are clear about your budget and what it needs to achieve.

With clever graphics and innovation, a show stopping exhibition stand within a realistic budget is very feasible.

Ask for help

If you are unsure about anything to do with planning for your exhibition or event be sure to ask for advice or support. Event organisers are used to guiding first time exhibitors, so make use of their help. Stand designers can also be of invaluable help in planning your stand.

Pick the right people

For the actual event, make sure that you have hired the best people to man your stand. There is nothing worse than putting all the effort into organising for a show only to have bored and unenthusiastic staff on the stand!

Make sure your staff are informed, enthusiastic and also that your stand has enough people to ensure everyone gets good breaks so that they stay vitalised and ready to talk to clients.

Review and revitalise

Once you have finished your first exhibition or event, take the time to review how it all went. What worked and what would you do differently? Follow up with everyone that you met and ensure that you fulfil any promises made on the day.

Good luck and enjoy your first exhibition!