How to choose the right exhibition stand designers?

You’ve added some events and exhibitions into your marketing plan because they provide an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, make sales, develop relationships and much more. So, you need an exhibition stand that will make you really stand out!  There are many different types of exhibition stands available and hundreds of designers and suppliers out there who can create your stand, but how do you choose the right exhibition stand and the right designers to create it?

What are the types of Exhibition Stand?

Once you know which events you’ll be attending, you’ll need to decide whether you need a custom exhibition stand, an easy to use portable display or a modular solution that can be reused at multiple events. But firstly, it’s important to know what these types of stand are:

  • Pop Up Stands – are small, portable, easy to put up and take down and are ideal for small events and conferences, when your budget is low.
  • Shell Scheme Stands – are great for smaller exhibitions and events. The shell of the stand is provided by the event organiser, with lighting, power and carpet. You can then dress these with pop up stands or shell scheme graphics which cover the height and width of the shell scheme.
  • Modular Stands – are cost-effective and semi-custom built for a space only stand. The modular elements can be hired to keep costs down so more budget can be used on the design and aesthetics of the stand. With flexibility to reuse many elements over again.
  • Custom Built Stands – are usually used for main events where you have the budget to match. The bigger the budget the more creative you can be. The design can be specifically tailored to your brand and products enabling you to really stand out from the crowd.

How to find the right Exhibition Stand designers?

There are many exhibition stand designers and suppliers to choose from.  So, finding the right one may not be an easy task. Getting the cost right and sticking to your budget will obviously be very important but the designers should be approachable and open to your ideas but also be able to enhance your brief using their knowledge and expertise. Here’s some questions you might want to ask:

  • Experience – do they know your industry, your clients and your market? Do they get your company’s ethos? Do they know the exhibition market and the latest technologies or innovations that will help stick to your given budget?
  • Success – what have they designed before, how successful have they been? Do they have a portfolio that showcases their work? Do they come recommended by their clients?
  • Price – are they competitive in price? We all have budgets to work towards and many exhibition stand designers will charge differently for their products. Get some comparable quotes to ensure the prices are competitive.
  • Full package – can they offer a full-service package? With design, print, production in-house? Will they build and break down the stand anytime, day or night? Can they Project Manage your stand from concept to completion taking the stress out of the process?
  • Location – it’s less important these days but are they located locally? Are you able to visit them or can they travel to you for design meetings? Can you view your stand when it is being pre-built before your event?

At Graphic Mill we are passionate about creating stunning exhibition stands, building innovative design solutions and providing an exceptional service from start to finish.

From our rural farm studios in Wiltshire, we have comprehensive in-house production and finishing capabilities that can meet even the tightest deadlines. With over 25 years in the exhibition industry, our small, yet experienced and friendly team will work with you every step of the way, from brief right through to stand build to ensure that you have a brilliantly successful exhibition. Whether it’s your first event or your 50th!

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