How to write an outstanding exhibition stand design brief

We have written this article with the idea of giving you some helpful guidelines on how best to write a design brief for your exhibition stand.

Essentially, the more thorough and detailed your brief is, the more efficient the entire design process can be. This article will hopefully give you an idea of the elements that you will need to think about to kick off the design process and can be used for both a custom exhibition stand or a modular exhibition stand.

The first thing to think about and include in your exhibition stand design brief is what shows you have planned for the year. How hard do you need your stand to work for you and how flexible does it need to be? Providing us with this information will ensure that we know how many shows we need to adapt the stand for.

Alongside this information, we need to know the size of stands that you have booked at each show. You may not have all of this information right away, especially if you have not yet confirmed your exhibition plans, but if you do know it, then it is good to include them.

Absolutely essential to include in the brief is what you want to achieve from this year’s shows. It may be that you want to increase brand awareness, sign-up new customers, launch a new product or service or increase your accessibility for more face-to-face meetings. Whatever the goal is, it is vital that we know it so we can develop the concepts always with the goal in mind.

Alongside this information it is really helpful for us to have a summary about what worked particularly well for you in previous exhibitions. What got great feedback? What helped the staff manning the stand? What looked fantastic? Additionally, think back to what wasn’t so successful for your exhibition stand in the past. What could have worked better?

To include alongside your brief is a copy of your brand guidelines (if you have them) and a company mission statement. This will ensure that everything we do complies and enhances your brand. Please also supply any logos, images and samples that you would like us to use or would like us to take inspiration from.

Finally, and very importantly, we also need to know what your budget is. This is important so we can ensure we are meeting your expectations. A budget doesn’t need to be written in stone, but it does need to be transparent.

In summary, key areas that need to be considered when putting together a brief for your exhibition stand design include:

  • What shows have you got planned?
  • What are the expected stand sizes?
  • What has worked well for previous exhibitions?
  • What you want to achieve from this year’s shows?
  • Supply brand guidelines and mission statement.
  • Supply any imagery/ samples you would like used.
  • Finally….. a Ballpark budget.

In summary…

We hope that you have found this article useful in preparing your brief for your exhibition stand design process. The more detail and clarity you can include the better.

If you are now ready to send through a brief for your exhibition stand design, then you can start the process here…..

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