Shell Scheme Solutions

We excel at transforming your basic shell scheme space into an inviting, exciting space through the use of seamless graphic walls, clever product displays and brilliant lighting.

Our shell scheme solutions are also reusable for multiple shows and different sized stand spaces making them cost effective.

Seamless Graphic Walls

We use seamless graphic walls to create maximum visual impact. You can either choose graphics that clip on to the shell scheme structure or have freestanding wall solutions.

Portable Stand Furniture

To dress your stand, we provide product displays including exhibition counters, plinths, podiums and shelves. We have a range of portable tables and plinths to display your goods and create inviting meeting points.

Reusable Shell Scheme Solutions

We offer reusable solutions that adapt to fit different sized shell schemes. We know it’s not always possible to book the same size shell scheme throughout the year. This is why we offer solutions that can adapt to different sized stand spaces.

Transportable Solutions

All of our shell schemes solutions are designed for a life on the road. Our kits are lightweight and portable, most being transportable in the boot of a small car but still solid and durable.

Custom Shell Scheme Design

If you don’t already have a design plan of how to transform your space, then we can provide a design service for you. We work closely with a team of excellent freelance designs who can design an exciting display for your brand to ensure a seamless process.

Exhibition Lighting

Good lighting is essential for transforming the shell scheme without blinding the visitors. Our LED exhibition lights simply clip to the top of your shell scheme or display to flood your stand with clean, white light. A well-lit shell scheme can really make the difference and ensure your display stands out from the rest.

Let's Make Something Great

To find out how we can help you make the most of your next exhibition call us on 01225 667205 or check out our shell scheme solution in our online shop

Seamless Fabric Shell Clad Graphics

£394.00–£1,839.00 exc. VAT

An easy way to cover large shell scheme walls without unsightly...

Seamless Rollable Shell Clad Graphics

£484.00–£1,987.00 exc. VAT

Super sharp graphics that create an uninterrupted graphic wall...

Infill Rollable Shell Scheme Graphics

£279.00–£1,079.00 exc. VAT

The cost effective solution to brand a shell scheme stand for any...