Midland Lead – Cladding Display Tower

The Brief

Midland Lead commissioned the Graphic Mill to build a cladding display unit to launch their new range of cladding materials into the UK market at the RCI Show 2016.

The unit needed to be designed to complement their existing exhibition stand, but also needed to work well on its own when in their showroom.

The Solution

Dibond graphic panels were used inside the Aluvision frames to create a modular tower unit that can also be used as a wall.

The cladding samples were mounted on standoffs, lit with LEDs to make the samples really stand out and three Puck lights were added to wash the entire display with light.

Removable iPad mounts were included to showcase Midland Lead’s interactive brochure by having it as a digital display. The tablets were removable to allow users to hold them but were still tethered to the unit with a security cable.

We created a bespoke transport case so that the tower could be moved around easily without risk of damaging it and an access door was fitted to one of the panels to allow storage use in the centre of the tower.

EventRCI Show 2016ServiceCustom Exhibition Stands