Custom Product Displays for Midland Lead

The Brief

Our brief from Midland Lead was to design and fabricate three custom product displays that demonstrated the use of lead in radiation protection. Our graphics needed to follow special architect’s technical drawings to ensure the use of lead was correct.

Of the three custom product displays, one unit needed to display the use of lead lined plasterboard corner, one to demonstrate lead doors and door frame, and finally one to demonstrate a lead observation window.

Midland Lead are experts in radiation protection for the Healthcare sector. Their products, from lead-lined boards to lead glass, lead doors to protective aprons and screens, are designed to both assure the safety of staff and patients and withstand daily use.


The Solution

This project was a test for our precision manufacturing and fabrication skills. None of the elements needed to create these custom product displays were available to use so we created them ourselves.

In order to create the displays, we shaped the architrave and door frame from ash hardwood, built a lead door section and created the lead lined plasterboard.

As these units are rather delicate, we constructed a bespoke transport case to ensure they could be transported without damage.


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