EHI Live Exhibition Stand

At the Graphic Mill, we have been commissioned to create several EHI Live exhibition stands for our clients. EHI Live is the UK’s number one show for all those involved in digital health, hospital information and healthcare innovation.

In November, more than 4,000 professionals dedicated to IT healthcare will attend EHI Live 2016 to discuss frontline use of healthcare technology and just what products will shape the future of the healthcare industry.

In 2015, we created the EHI Live exhibition stand for Nervecentre who briefed us to create a stand that would bring their exhibition presence up to the next level but also be reusable for other shows. In order to ensure the flexibility required, Nervecentre were looking for a modular stand with interchangeable graphics

We also created the stands for Highland Marketing and IMMJ Systems. Please see our portfolio for details on the brief.

If you are looking for expert guidance on creating and building your stand for EHI Live 2016, do get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

EventEHI Live 2016