The Solution

A 3D design of the stand was created to give indication of the finished quality as well as giving a clear idea of the impact of the stand within the given space. This stage was vital as Cybereason are based in the US, we needed the design to be easily imaginable. It was also essential to the success of the stand that Cybereason could trust us to deliver to this design overseeing from afar.

Cybereason requested a bespoke reception desk and demo station that were created from CNC cut wood and laminate. We created each of these counters individually and included push latch openings within them. The finish of the desk and demo area added to the feel of quality and longevity of the stand. The demo counter was given its own space within the stand without interrupting the flow of the stand.

The reception desk featured a raised stainless steel logo with halo illumination cleverly drawing attention to the stand with a clean finish. The logo was also reflective of the level of quality required for the stand.

The walls of the stand were created using modular CNC cut panels giving a precision fit that enabled our stand builders to slot the stand together much like Lego bricks. The construction method allowed us to achieve an extremely clean and precise finish. The panels were laminated with flat matt FENIX NTM which uses nanotechnology and next generation acrylic resins. This gave the stand a sharp, non reflective finish as well as having an anti-fingerprint finish giving excellent durability. The surface allowed for clear display of the text and stainless steel logo.

The floor of the stand was finished in a wood effect laminate and was finished with crisp white LED strips creating a halo effect and giving the stand the feel of being fully considered and finished from all angles.

Every element of the stand design was considered to make the most effective use of the space, this included the literature holders that were positioned on the side of the stand. This avoided creating a cluttered stand and allowed for communication with anyone taking literature away.