This was another creative and fun project working with an equally fun team. Once that Neue’s design received approval we developed a 3D visual of the Deliciously Ella window display. This helped everyone get a real feel for how the window would work. We could also plan how each element would fill the 9m x 3m space and how it would look from all three angles. As this is one of the larger Whole Foods windows and there’s a triple aspect, we almost treat this as three different displays.

Each packet from the new breakfast range was super-sized to over a metre tall and was handmade in our workshop. They would become the main focal point of the display. The packets along with the actual product sit on crates that we had built for a previous Deliciously Ella window display. This helped to keep the costs down and keep the display consistent and recognisable. However, we gave the crates a fresher feel by lining them with printed vinyl to look like patterned tiles that are found in the Deliciously Ella Deli’s.

Giant nuts, granola pieces, bowls of breakfast and a spoon were cut from foamex and suspended from the window’s ceiling. Placing them at different heights and levels adds depth and eye catching elements to the display. The lightbox at the top of the window was also reused from a previous Deliciously Ella window display but this time we increased the size by adding additional panels to the left and right. These were used to highlight additional information about the breakfast range.

From the side customers and passers-by can see a TV sitting on top of a standalone crate playing a video loop of Ella’s breakfast creations. The window was framed with blue vinyl with branded messaging which encourages sharing on Instagram. And the whole window is flood lit with special LED lighting so the display really pops during the day and at night.

“Thank you so much for all your help with the Whole Foods window, we are so thrilled with it! I visited the site yesterday and was so impressed!”

Sophie, Deliciously Ella