Graphic Mill had around 4 weeks to design and build Drayson Technologies exhibition stand. Initially we developed 3D designs of the stand, working without final artwork because the company was in the process of rebranding. But this gave Drayson a clear idea of how the stand would look and the elements that needed to be included. For Drayson’s first exhibition, a 3 meter by 3 meter space only area had been booked but we were aware that this could vary from exhibition to exhibition.

We recommended that Drayson hired the basic stand structure from us which we could configure to different shapes and sizes for different exhibitions and events. Customizing branded elements as and when they were required, including the branded back walls of the exhibition stand, made from tension fabric.

Drayson required a number of interactive elements for the stand. A vital-signs monitor needed to be linked to a number of devices (phones/tablets) and then linked up to a large display screen. We built a 40” screen into the stand structure, but turned it 90 degrees and covered the edges with a graphic panel so that the TV screen looked like it was a super-sized iPad. This screen linked up to the phones/tablets set up on a plinth in the middle of the stand and to the vital signs monitor, demonstrating Drayson’s technological capabilities to visitors on the stand.

This would obviously result in a lot of loose cables, but it was important for Drayson’s stand to be clean with a minimal feel. All cables were hidden behind the stand or under a small hatch found within the plinth. Another 55” screen formed part of the backdrop on the other side of the stand and was used in a regular way to display demonstrations from a laptop.

More traditional exhibition stand features were hired, including a counter, with a LED lightbox illuminating the Drayson Technologies’ logo. The counter also doubled as storage for marketing literature and where things could be locked away. We also added hired furniture such as stools and literature racks to the stand. Faux oak vinyl flooring was laid within the 3×3 stand providing a contrast to the exhibition hall carpet and we covered the end panels of the stand in Drayson’s turquoise green to provide additional contrast.