Euroclad exhibition stand at EcoBuild – 2013

The Brief

Euroclad approached the Graphic Mill because they wanted to make a huge impact at Ecobuild 2013 with their large 42 sqm exhibition stand space. The design of their custom exhibition stand needed to be carefully engineered with a perfect 100 degree angled roof so that the Euroclad roofing designers could fit the fabricated roof securely.

Euroclad also wanted the interior of the stand to be fitted out beautifully to reflect the quality of its work. This included wooden flooring and bespoke patterned wallpapers.

Our Solution

Initially we created a full 3D design for the company, including examples of the render for the stand and the exact colours and textures we planned to use. The structure was lined with plywood to create a solid surface to build up interior decorations. These included a bookcase printed on large fabric wallpaper. The back wall of the stand was made from a custom modular aluminium frame, with large feature graphics.

We used stand-offs to augment elements from the back wall, creating an eye catching 3D effect. We took considerable care of the lighting of the stand to make sure this really enhanced the entire display.

Gordon and Dan offer a great bespoke service that’s competitively priced. The team are helpful, knowledgeable and skilled and they won the tender for the Ecobuild stand versus five other companies through impressive visuals and competitive costs. They went on to realise our stand in a way that was completely faithful to the 3D visualisations.

John Dunnington, Marketing Manager, Euroclad

EventEcobuild, Excel London, 2013ServiceCustom Exhibition Stand