The Solution

We worked with the Itsu team and designer Hannah Meur to create a 3D design that gave a clear picture of how the finished window displays would look and feel. The design featured 5 different flavoured pots as well as telling the story of the product and the ease of preparation. The designs were produced to scale so the impact of the overall design in the space could be seen.

The window had two key features as specified by the Itsu team, the first was that the pots would be 3D and the second, the window should feature lighting that was moving to draw attention to the products featured.

The 3D pots were created using several processes to create pots at 10 times the standard size.  The pots were printed onto foamex and featured the labelling as it is on the pots sold in store giving the impression of the back of the pots from within the store and the front from the window, drawing attention to the different flavours offered. Due to the complex shape of the pot lids, these were created using vacuum forming. Once we had built the 3D mould, it was easy to create duplicate lids.

Above the pots at one end of the window, a 2D foamex kettle with water pouring from the spout was suspended to tell the story of the noodles. At the opposite end of the window a translucent acrylic spork based on the spork provided as part of the crystal noodle packaging. The spork was suspended with imitation giant silicone noodles hung over it to show the product as it is cooked.

The pots were presented on 3D plinths painted in Itsu pink that carried key product messages and helped to tell the product story as well as adding a pop of colour to the window display.

A lighting system was installed to add colour and movement to the window, the lights lit the pots using a variety of colours and worked effectively in the low daylight and longer evenings of February. The lighting also enabled the window to really stand out from those surrounding it and the movement of the lights captured the attention of those passing by.

The window display was framed with a clean white vinyl drawing attention to what the product was and allowing space for social tags as well as providing a neat edge to the window to hide any wiring required for the window.

The window featured a lightbox that displayed the Itsu logo as well as offering a call out for the product in store again in Itsu pink grabbing the attention of those passing and adding to the colourful lighting used throughout the window.

The grid background used in the restaurants was recreated to line the window, this help the window really pop drawing focus to the pots and story they were telling.



‘I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and the Graphic Mill team for designing and producing such a great ‘on Brand’ window for itsu.

The entire team loved it and thought it had amazing stand-out.

Thanks so much for all the work that went into it.’

-Natalie Marketing Director at itsu