The Solution

We worked with the MAE Deli team and designer Hannah Meur to create a 3D design that gave a clear picture of how the finished MAE Deli window display would look and feel. The design utilised the window space as well as the internal space that all customers see as they entered and exited the Whole Foods store. The designs were produced to scale so the impact of the overall design in the space could be seen.

One key element of the window was the graphics showing the creation of the energy balls from raw ingredients to finished product. The process of making the energy balls was illustrated using cut out graphics of the ingredients, the blending process and the finished balls, giving an accurate representation of the finished products from both inside the shop and outside of the window.

Wooden crates were handmade and and stained using tea, and a wire wool and vinegar mixture. They were used to elevate the main focus of the window to eye level ensuring that it is clearly visible from both inside and outside the store. The crates were filled with 3D large scale packs of energy balls and a TV video display playing a video loop of the energy balls being made. The energy ball packs helped to illustrate the story of the energy balls and the 3D element of the packaging helped to give the space a more dynamic feel adding interesting shadows and depth.

The MAE Deli window display also features a brightly coloured frame defining the space and setting it apart from the neighbouring displays and hiding the fixed lighting strips. The border also features the brand message and social media tags.

An illuminated logo lightbox was created from stained birch ply giving a beautiful finish and was used to make the Deliciously Ella name stand out with the bright light cutting through glare on the window glass.

Colourful patterned tile graphics along with printed brickwork have been used to line the edges of the window bringing a feel of the MAE Deli brand to the window and giving the display a consistent feel both outside and inside.

In addition to being a feature in the outside of the window the display also focuses on the inside of the store, using Deli branding to brand the ramp and hand rails and large wall within Whole Foods Market. The space at the end of the ramp features a video projection showing the story behind the Deliciously Ella Energy Balls, clever covering of the ramp and handrails allowed us to draw the eye to the projection and make full use of the window both inside and out.

The curved window is also used to showcase the brand with a stack of three crates elevating the large 3D packs as well as showing the ingredients of the energy balls and plants enhancing the feeling of being within the MAE Deli. The window also features a colourful vinyl frame bringing the window to life and keeping it consistent with the outside window.

The inside of the window space is also utilised and adds to the feeling of being at the MAE Deli using high shelving to display plants and a brick style partitioned wall used to divide this window with the neighbouring small curved window as well as the use of shelving crafted from reclaimed scaffold boards giving a natural and sharp finish and space to display the natural ingredients, books and plants.

”I just want to pass along a huge thank you! The window looks so amazing and we are really pleased with the result! All of your hard work means so much to us. It is by far the most attention grabbing window in the display at the moment.”

Isabella- Brand Director @ MAE Deli