MagX Portable Display Stands Showcase

These MagX Portable Display Stands have been exclusively designed by us to be a good, all round solution for any exhibition stand layout.

The MagX is incredibly flexible and can be used in almost any shaped exhibition space and to create any layout. The stand uses a hidden framework which means graphics look slick and professional. We have also simplified the design compared to other systems so it is much easier to put together and use.

Each MagX panel can be used either curved or straight to create infinite shapes and sizes for a great display.

MagX is compatible with, and looks great in, all shell schemes. There is no need to be concerned with incompatible clips or losing too much stand space.

MagX is lightweight and compact for easy transportation. A six panel kit fits easily in the boot of a small car so there’s no need to hire a van. All kits are supplied with a wheeled case for durability and a specifically designed graphics drum.

The modular MagX display system means you can add as many panels as you require without buying a whole new system. You can extend the possibilities of your display with a seamless graphic image. Unlike traditional pop ups, you can add and reduce panels to change the size of the stand making it incredibly flexible. Each graphic is exactly the same width so can easily be swapped or changed depending on your marketing message.

The MagX display system is assembled without the need for Allen keys or any tools. Assembly is quick and easy – each post just slots together. The graphics are attached magnetically with our own bespoke hanging system which guarantees you don’t need to worry about graphics slipping or falling off. The self-aligning graphics also cope with uneven floors.

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