Moulton Bikes exhibition stand at EuroBike – 2013

The Brief

Moulton Bikes, the well regarded British bike manufacturer, wanted to really create an impression at the Eurobike Show. The show attracts a crowd of 45,000 visitors and so Moulton knew they needed something extra special. The bikes were to be the central feature of the exhibit. The stand also needed to be reusable for other shows, with different space configurations, throughout the year.

Our Solution

The stand we designed for Moulton Bikes drew attention and placed the bikes as the central focus. We shaped the stand to fit around the edge of the space, giving plenty of room to position the bikes in front, and for people to move around them.

We used our Graphic Mill designed MagX modular stand system. MagX uses a hidden framework which allows us to fit graphics with no border and so creating a slick image.

Because Moulton Bikes were transporting the stand abroad, keeping the weight and bulk of the stand reasonable for transport was important. The MagX modular system disassembles and packs into a case and so is lightweight and easy to carry.

“The Graphic Mill trade stand MagX proved to be a real winner for us during our most recent trade shows. The ease of dismounting the MagX system meant that our stand could be staffed by a single team member, who was able to break down the stand, pack it up, and load it into the boot of a standard car in less than 30 minutes.”

Steve Harvey, Moulton Bikes

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