The Solution

We worked closely with Oppo to create a 3D design. This gave them a clear idea of how the finished Oppo window display would work. It would utilise both the window space and the internal space within the store that Whole Foods’ customers  would see as they entered and exited. We modelled the window space so the elements could be designed to scale and the impact of the oversized tubs could be seen.

Lighting and the Oppo logo were key to this window, we custom built an Oppo logo light box that really made the logo stand out against the Whole Foods Market backdrop. This provided a really eye catching feature to the window grabbing the attention of the passing public. The stand was lit with white light adding to the daylight vibrant feeling of a day at the beach.

The main feature of the Oppo window display was the three gigantic pots of ice cream, the pots were made to scale making a real statement and adding splashes of colour to the window. The super-sized pots were displayed on mounds of Styrofoam which had been covered with sand giving us a lightweight and mess free beach within the window.

Vinyls in black and gold framed the windows and included messaging and also Oppo’s social media slogans and tags, giving new customers fast access to the brand.

The window also featured custom made acrylic elements, these were created using the designs featured on the ice cream pots and included two bikes, two kites and lots of hanging fruit. These elements added a feeling of movement and life within the window that Oppo had requested in the brief.

It was important to include a way for Oppo’s messages and event information within the window so passers-by could gain more information. This information was included using boards displayed on easels.

Stacks of standard size Oppo pots were used to create an inspiring entrance for customers as they entered Whole Foods Market.

This project was great fun for our team to work on using a mix of skills and techniques and we were delighted when the window got the thumbs up from Oppo creators Charlie and Harry.