The PhD Nutrition exhibiton stand was predominantly being used for sampling and purchasing products. We created a functional kitchen style stand. It included practical components such as kitchen cupboards, a fridge, wooden worktops and appliances such as blenders, used for creating mousses made from the protein powders.

The aluvision system was used to build the main structure of the stand and the storage area. The frame work neatly fits together to provide a simple yet durable exhibition stand. Dibond sheets were placed onto the aluvision to cover the framework. 3D lettering was placed on top to add branding and floating shelves were affixed where PhD Nutrition’s products could sit on top. Eight light fixtures were fitted to the aluvisioin frame to ensure the stand was well lit througout the popular exhibiton at the NEC in Birmingham.

An important element for this stand was plenty of storage. This was built into the stand using kitchen cupboards and also a separate storage room. This made it easy to keep the exhibition stand clutter free and tidy throughout the busy event.