The Solution

We worked with trusted designer Hannah Meur to produce a series of 3D visuals of the Plenish window display to present to the Whole Foods marketing team. We developed these designs with the Plenish so to create a display that would really work well in the complex space at Whole Foods while also being visually stunning.

In order to showcase the large product images, we used large 3m x 2.5m fabric graphics mounted on our Aluvision framework. These frames helped divide up the space to create clean sharp walls.

We also created a mobile ‘coffee tasting’ bike that could be used in the foyer for sampling the new Plenish almond milk. Plenish went on to use this bike at various events across London.

To cover the old parquet floor in the Whole Food Market window, we used a high quality flax coloured carpet that complemented their brand colours.

As always, good lighting was key in making this window stand out. We used LED floodlights to cast an even white light over the large product photos and Puck LED display lights to light the talks area.

We received great feedback from Plenish, Whole Foods as well as visitors to the store.