The Solution

Working with Rude Health we decided designing and building a large wind tunnel filled with cereal was the perfect way to create a fun interactive element in the window. The tunnel creates a burst of cereal puffs when the doorbell is pressed by a passer-by. The cereal explosion created is a fun way to draw attention to the window and to allow everyone passing to interact with the new product in a fun way. This gave us a great test of skills and creative thinking in order to make both the explosion work and the window interactive from the outside.

The display also features large 2D cut outs of the owl and mouse characters from the cereal box, the characters have speech bubbles promoting the product and letting people know what they contain.

Window vinyl’s were also used to add a pop of bright colour around the window and to promote the healthy message behind the cereal.  Window vinyl was also used to draw attention to the doorbell button used to interact with the window and make the cereal explode. As well as the vinyl the space also featured a large 2D sign using the company logo and elements of the cereal box these along with the owl and mouse cut outs and speech bubbles created the feel that the box had come to life within the window.

The window display was linked directly with the product by the inclusion of life size boxes of the Honey Spelt Puffs

The window was installed by Graphic Mill working directly with Whole Foods Market and can be seen until the end of September 2016.

Why not go along and cause your own cereal explosion?!