Rude Health – Window Display Whole Foods Market – April 2016

The Brief

Having viewed our recent window displays for Plenish and Soupologie, Rude Health contracted the Graphic Mill to create an eye-catching design for their own window display at Whole Foods Market on London’s Kensington Market. Rude Health supplied us with a really clear idea of what they wanted the window display to achieve. It was our job to help visualise this and make their plans a reality.

The brief included a need for a highly impactful, colourful, fun and engaging display, whilst at the same time keeping things very simple.

Rude Health wanted to entice customers into the space with the display so rather than having a simple branded window with some samples, they were looking for a focussed campaign featuring their incredibly versatile Almond Drink.

Initial ideas from the Rude Health team included bringing the ‘Pop Art’ element from their cartons to the window and developing large packs of the Almond Milk cartons in a similar style to the old Lucozade advert on the M4.

The Solution

We worked directly with Rude Health to develop their design in 3D, giving them a clear picture of how the finished space would work. We modelled the Whole Foods Market window space to proportion to ensure all elements could be designed to scale.

We took great consideration to ensure that the space could flow with the events, whilst also looking great from every angle. We constructed a giant almond milk carton with illuminated milk that poured into an acrylic glass. This was heavily inspired by the old Lucozade advert on the M4 into London.

For lighting, we built a large lightbox that illuminated the Rude Health logo so it would look fantastic at day and night and over 350 LEDs were individually wired into a sequenced circuit board to create this fantastic effect. The milk carton was built using a lightweight foam board to create a rigid but lightweight structure.

To display their product, we create a set of five modular portable shelf units. These were accurately machine cut from birch plywood and finished with heavy duty locking castors and can be repositioned to create and divide space for the events.

To add a splash of colour to the window, we create two carton towers out of a series of MDF boxes and clear acrylic shelves.

To divide the large window and smaller window to the right, we used a large freestanding fabric wall and to encourage flow into the space from the shop floor, we applied a removable vinyl graphic to the wall above the access ramp.

We received great feedback from Rude Health after the build and look forward to working on more projects like this. This has been a fantastic project to work on that used a great mix of skills and techniques.

You can see the Rude Health window display at Whole Foods Market until the beginning of May 2016.