Shell Clad Seamless Fabric Graphic Showcase

One of the most frequent requests we get it for a solution to create seamless shell scheme graphics for exhibition stand that can be easily installed and reused for future events. Shell Clad fabric graphics are perfect for just that.

The problem with the majority of shell scheme systems is that the aluminium structure sits proud of the wall panels. This makes it difficult to create a large uninteruppted wall graphic that is not split up by the aluminium shell scheme strucuture.

The innovate shell clad system allows us to easly transform an empty shell scheme to one with vibrant graphics that completly cover the walls. Each wall is covered with one large graphic so there are no joins to worry about. The graphics are printed on a durable crease resistant fabric that can be folded for easy transport between shows.

The system works by fixing plastic clips to the shell scheme uprights, these clips fix without tools and create a velcro post to fix the graphic. The fabric graphics are supplied with velcro sewn to all the edges so attached to these velcro clips.

At the end of the exhibition, the graphics and clips are removed from the shell scheme without leaving any damage (so no hefty fines!).

This video shows the Shell Clad concept in action: