Soupologie Window Display at Whole Foods Market – March 2016

The Brief

Soupologie commissioned the Graphic Mill to create eye-catching branding for the Whole Foods Market window display on Kensington High Street. The window display needed to reflect the vibrant, punchy brand of Soupologie and attractive visitors into the store. Soup pots are a big part of Soupologie’s brand, so these also needed to be reflected in the design and turned into an exciting visual display.

The Solution

In order to create the Whole Foods Market window display, we worked closely with Soupologie’s trusted freelancer, Hannah Meur Design to come up with a solution that would both work in the 3m x 3m window and look visually stunning. We used Hannah’s 2D design elements to create a 3D visual to present to the Soupologie team before commencing with the display build.

In order to brand the window, we applied vibrant window vinyls to the inside of the window and in order for it to really stand out – day and night, we added six cool white LED floodlights to illuminate the entire window display.

We created the 3D soup pots by cutting to shape 5mm polystyrene foamex board and cleverly working with the top of the plinth to support the pots without any visible fixings.