Working with our trusted designer Hannah Meur, we developed the brief into a 3D concept demonstrating that the soup pots would steal the show and that the Soupologie window display would be visually pleasing from all angles.

We super-sized the three-different limited edition soup pots and these took centre stage within the window. Rolling snow covered hills were made from foamex panels and staggered across the bottom of the window. The pots, made from acrylic, were placed so they looked like they were sitting amongst the snowy hills. And snowy wallpaper was fitted to the back wall and down the side panel of the window.

Intricate snowflake patterns were cut from acrylic using our CNC router. These were hung in the window on fishing wire forming the only moving elements in the display.

Coloured window vinyls were used to frame the design, adding information about the soups and Soupologies website and social media handle to the forefront of the display.