There was a quick turnaround in producing this stand so project management was key to it’s success. Graphic Mill managed the entire project from initial design to de-rig in just over one month.

Infosec is known for it’s big budget stands. Therefore we knew specific elements would be required to ensure the Tessian exhibition stand didn’t get lost among the 400 exhibitors at the show. These elements contributed to the exhibition stand’s success and included 4 metre high walls, integrated AV and tech and bespoke lighting elements.

As the stand was located on the ground floor of Olympia’s Grand Hall, one thing we had to contend with was building around one of the infamous pillars which was located in the middle of the 6 x 5.5m space. We developed the stand design around the pillar utilising the space for mounting AV equipment so it was visible at different angles.

An aluvision framework was the back bone of the stand, with dibond graphics panels placed on top to give a premium appearance and also adding branding. A lightbox logo was hand made in our workshop and placed at the top of the framework so that the brand could be seen from a far. Additional LED lighting strips were used to edge the framework.

Our project management of this stand also included all necessary paperwork, health & safety and risk assessment, ensuring this was completed and met the criteria set out by the Infosec organisers.