We developed a 3D plan of the space that TRIBE was hiring for the pop-up shop. This gave us a blank canvas to work with. Working with the marketing team we then developed the TRIBE pop-up shop designs in to a final concept.

The space needed to be functional as TRIBE would be making, sampling and selling protein shakes so we created a bar area from which to serve the shakes. The rest of the space would be adapted and used for difference activities, whether that was a film screening, a fitness class or an inspirational talk.

The bar and service area was created using foamex graphics and menu boards printed on foamex were hung from the ceiling above the bar, suspended from a drop wire baton.

A large 3m wide 3D movable TRIBE logo was made from MDF and used to create a divide in the room when necessary. We first assembled the logo in our workshop and then split it into two. The two pieces were built on wheels, so it was easy to move when the TRIBE team needed to reconfigure the room layout depending on the day’s activities. The logo also acted as a table top/bar when necessary.

Coloured shelving units and plinths were bespoke made from birch plywood and painted one side, these were used to display the TRIBE products that were on sale.

On the shop’s exposed brick wall, 20x 10mm foamex photographic prints were placed to create a visual story board explaining how the TRIBE community has grown from a group of just 3 runners to a 100,000 person tribe who run ultra-marathons, organise events and area creators of all natural sports nutrition.

To attract passers-by and brighten up the dark window frames at the front of the store, the bold TRIBE logo was printed on vinyl and attached to the glass for instant impact.

“We just want to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work designing and setting up the TRIBE Shake Shack. It was an amazing two weeks and it really did look incredible… so thank you!” – Kristina – Brand Marketing Manager @ TRIBE

More photos of the TRIBE pop-up shop can be viewed on TRIBE’S Facebook page.

*Images courtesy of Ben Read Photography