The Vita Coco window display’s main focal point was the supersized bottles of the ‘original’ and ‘light’ coconut milk drink. The 2D packs stood at 2.5m high and were printed with additional width and set on a curve to give the appearance of being 3D but without the high cost of creating large 3D bottles.

The palm tree and crates were provided by Vita Coco and added some additional tropical flavour to the window. Aligning with brand colours and guidelines, a beach scene was created using staggered foamex panels placed to look like the ocean.

Window vinyls played an important part in this window display, providing lots of information to passers-by in the form of product callouts and social media handles and details of a giveaway to win a wholefoods weekly shop.

Floating items displayed inside the window display, highlighed the coconut milks’ usages from cooking to coffee.

As this window is triple aspect, a further supersized bottle is placed in the curved window in the entrance to the store, with the ‘tastes like no udder’ slogan printed onto foamex and hung from the ceiling. Capturing the eye of customers as they leave the store.