Do you have what it takes to start your own business? Yes if you’ve ever worked 9-5 before!

Wondering if you have what it takes to become your own boss and set up your own small business? The good news is if you’ve spent time working in a 9-5 job the chances are you’ve got all the essential skills needed to make your start up a flying success.

Your home office is good to go

If you’ve been working in 2020 the chances are that at least some of your time has been spent working from home, great news if you’re planning on setting up a new business you’ve already found your space to work and the hours that work for you.

You’ve experienced the time savings that you make by working from home and understand the joy that comes from being able to work in your comfiest clothing!

You know the lingo

If you’ve worked in an office you’ll have developed and fine tuned your communication skills. Your brain knows how to handle wording a business email or phone call in a professional way as well as knowing all the right questions to ask to get the essential info from your conversation.

Chances are you’re also pretty well versed in Zoom calls.

All of those skills will be vital when your self-employed taking calls at odd moments and introducing yourself to new potential clients or suppliers.

You can manage your time

Whatever job experience you have you’ll have been working to a schedule and learnt valuable time management skills.

Running your own business is all about managing your time effectively and skills like knowing how long something should take to discuss, how much time to leave between meetings, and how much time to leave to travel.

Your 9 to 5 will have set you up with all these skills that make organising your own calendar and appointments a breeze.

It’s okay to make mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes and no doubt like the rest of us you’ll have made a few in your 9 to 5 and have made them in an organisation where you had the support of a team to understand what has gone wrong as well as how to fix it. 

Those mistakes are great experience for running your own start-up with all the challenges and setbacks that you might face the resilience you’ve learnt in your job will help you to tackle problems head on.

And if you’re lucky you’ll have encountered the same issues before and know exactly how to resolve them.

You Can network!

Working within an office or organisation can be pretty daunting at first, but especially if you work as part of a big organisation, you’ll have learnt how to network talking to people within your wider team and outside your company all together.

Your 9-5 has given you a great confidence boost to talk to anyone within a business context.

And the great news is it’s even easier to talk to people and sell yourself when your passionate about what you’re selling and no one will be more motivated and passionate about your start-up than you so use those skills and network, network, network!

If your ready to take the next step and set up your new start-up take a look at our range for start ups and get your brand out there.

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