Attention Grabbing Window Displays

Do you want to create an attention-grabbing window display?  We’ve created many spectacular window displays at Whole Foods Market and we’ve put together a few attention grabbing ideas and suggestions for you to help with your next window display.

Aim at your Target

Who is your window trying to attract? Are you attempting to reach a new customer? Appeal to a wider market? Let people know you exist or tempt customers with a new product launch?

Once you are clear about who you are trying to attract and why you can start work on your design and attracting them.

What’s the Theme?

A window, much like an exhibition stand is a relatively small space in which to get your message across, rather than trying to tell the whole story of your brand in one window it’s useful to have a theme for your window.

This could be the new product your launching, an element of your brands personality that you want to show off, or it could be seasonally themed obvious examples being Christmas or Easter positioning your products as vital to the celebrations. A theme will help to focus your designs and avoid a cluttered window.

Focal Point

With space at a premium it is a good idea to have a focal point to your window display. This could be giant examples of the product your promoting, something in motion, a vibrant colour or anything that you can imagine giving your window a focus.

Having the focus helps to attract passers by to look at your window and something memorable will help to create a positive memory of your brand and product.. 

Avoid Clutter

You might be tempted to promote all of your products or show your whole range at once in a window giving everything maximum exposure but the effect can be the opposite.

Overfilling the space available with all products is likely to mean your message will be lost.

Windows can still be full and effective as our window for Ecover’s washing up liquid made from beer waste proves. This window featured washing up bottles displayed to look like glasses in a pub, although the window featured a lot of product it was playful and effective in the story of the window rather than overpowering.

What’s your story?

Some of the most exciting windows that we’ve created have told a really strong story, in the past we’ve created windows for Amazon, Deliciously Ella, and Rude Health with a strong story telling element that had a real impact.

If you have a story to tell then a window display can be the perfect place to tell it.

Light it up

Lighting is often overlooked when creating a window display, big mistake, lighting can be the element in your window that grabs attention like no other element.

Lighting makes your window stand out not only after dark, but, during the day drawing the eye and creating a focus.

You could opt to include a lightbox in your window to draw attention to your brand, light up the focal elements or add colour with lighting whatever you choose lighting your window is a great way to grab attention.

Make your Move

Movement isn’t often seen in window displays, so when it is its noticed! You can add movement to your window in all sorts of ways including, using TV screens to display some relevant content, using imagery that feels like it moves such as splashes or including interactive elements that move.

We’ve had a few of these great windows featuring movement with Rude Health’s light-up pouring milk carton, bounce balls bike powered display, Plenish’s large scale video display and the Kindle Oasis splash window created for Amazon. Some movement is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

We love creating window displays using these ideas and more and hope we’ve inspired your next display!

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