Launching Tony’s Chocolonely in the UK

A window display bringing Tony’s Chocolonely to the UK market

CLIENT Tony’s Chocolonely
EVENT Wholefoods Market Window

The Challenge

Creating a window display that launched Tony’s Chocolonely in the UK that was true to the brand and their message.

The Result

A vibrant and punchy window that left viewers in no doubt about Tony’s Chocolonely and what they stand for.

Tony’s came to us to create their Whole Foods Market Window launching themselves into the UK. The brand already has a large presence in Europe and wanted to bring their chocolate and mission to create a 100% slave free chocolate bar with the UK, a central piece of this was their launch in Whole Foods.

The launch needed to be larger than life and have a real impact. We worked with the Tony’s UK team to create something really impactful that would get people walking past the window to stop and think they wanted to know more about the brand.

 The window featured gigantic three dimensional chocolate bars with six of the bars wrapped and showing the different available flavours as well as the vibrant packaging and brand messaging of Tony’s as well as featuring an unwrapped chocolate bar showing the signature Tony’s uneven chocolate chunk sizes that highlight the inequality in the chocolate industry. The display was colourful and vibrant and showed off the brand.

The window display was fantastic at drawing people into the Tony’s Chocolonely brand and messaging launching them in the UK.

Tony’s were really impressed by the window and have since worked with us on some fabulous projects, windows and exhibitions in the UK as well as Europe, we can’t wait to work with them again and enjoy more of their yummy chocolate!

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