4 Exhibition Stand Design Trends for Learning Technologies 2020

We’ve taken a look at the big trends emerging for Learning Technologies 2020 and summarised some of the big ideas to inspire you below.


In a busy and vibrant show like Learning Technologies in order to stand out your booth needs to draw attention for the right reasons.  A great way to do this can be to with the size of your stand, having a large floor space is one option to do this but there are other ways to use size within your exhibition stand, if you haven’t got a large stand look at going upwards to become visible all over the show from above, extending one or more of your walls upwards to draw attention or rigging a suspended banner to give your stand even greater impact. Take a look at our case studies on Good Practice and Rude Health for more inspiration for tall stands.


Allowing your visitors to interact with your stand will be a
big trend for learning technologies this year and can be very simple or more
involved. If your space allows zoning your exhibition stand will help your
visitors to feel immersed with your brand and all of its different elements. This
could be as simple as adding a private meeting space, some lounge seating or a
bar but should be based on your target audience and what you are aiming to
achieve at learning technologies.

The aim of interactivity is to allow your visitors and
potential customers to remember the feeling of interacting with your brand, a
stand that allows visitors to interact in a positive way will be remembered and
is especially useful if you are selling a service rather than a tangible project
as it allows the visitor to have a tangible experience with your brand.

Our eGym stand used various zones to engage visitors and allow them to interact

Virtual Reality and Games

Games and Virtual Reality will be another big trend for Learning Technologies 2020, no surprise as both a great for drawing in attendees! There are so many options for exciting games to add to your exhibition stand including, prize wheels, competitions, apps that can be designed in any number of ways that help to draw visitors to your stand as well as VR additions that can add another element to your stand creating a more memorable experience for clients visiting your stand. Check out our post on Exhibition Games for more ideas.

Minimalistic Approach

Clean lines, minimal colour schemes, simple shapes create a
minimalistic design on an exhibition stand. Focusing in on a selected element to
make it stand out, for example brand colours or elements from a particular
product/ service.

Lighting is really important on a minimal stand as an aid to
draw the eye to particular elements and elevate your booth. There are loads of
different ways to add lighting to your stand that really help to bring your
services to life.

Our Stand for Bells and Whistles is a great example of a minimal stand

We can’t wait to see these and other emerging trends at Learning
Technologies in 2020. If your attending get in touch about creating your really
innovative stand!

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