Creating exhibition stands with a Big Impact

As a
business with over 50 years experience 
in creating exciting exhibition stands we love helping our clients
create special stands that leave a lasting impact. You will spend months
planning your event and we want to help you get noticed by possible clients our
dedicated team are on hand to help you to every step of the way. The list below
offers some suggestions that will make your stand the star of your next event.

Incorporating unusual elements in your stand- living walls etc

If you want to make your brand
stand out using something out of the ordinary to construct your stand or make
up a key element can really help draw attention. Elements such as artificial
living walls add colour and texture and draw visitors to your stand. Or why not
try adding an ‘instagram’ wall encouraging visitors to engage with your stand
boost brand awareness.

Using height

If you show allows, it can be a
great idea to go up rather than out with your exhibition stand. Whilst most
stands stick to standard height building your stand to the full height allowed
by the event can help visitors to find you and draw the attention of others who
might not yet be aware of your brand.

Interactive elements

Adding the right interactive
elements to your stand means visitors are more likely to spend more time with
you learning more about your brand. Adding technology that allows users to
interact with you is an effective way to do this. Traditional games are another
good way to encourage visitors to your stand, allowing visitors to ‘play’ with
your brand or products will leave a lasting impression. Consider using social
media to allow people to interact with and find you stand and to give you a
clear indication of who has engaged with you at the event.

Play with scale- supersized products/ stand

Playing with scale is another
great way to draw attention, supersizing elements of your stand is a great way
to get your message across. If you are launching a new product or drawing
attention to an existing one using supersized packaging can grab attention and
a playful experience to your stand/

Using colour to pop

Being bold with colour can help
your stand get noticed in a sea of muted designs. Using exciting design
elements means you don’t have to have the biggest stand at a show to make the
biggest impact. Bold and exciting colours used appropriately can tastefully
draw attention to your exhibition stand.


Your stand doesn’t have the be
the biggest in show to have a real impact, in fact if you stand is too big your
message can be lost. Think about the size of stand that will work best for your
company and brand and use that space to project the right image of you.

Make an effort

In a busy event the company that
makes the least effort will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Making no
effort will reflect badly on your business and send a negative message. Poorly
designed stands and bad graphics will make no impact on passers by and
customers won’t want to do business with a company that doesn’t try.

Know what you are trying to achieve

Your stand should give a clear
indication of what you do, giving a glimpse into what your brand is about.
Visitors have a lot to look at and should be able to understand you at a
glance. Think about viewing your stand as someone who doesn’t know what you do,
your stand should allow them to instantly understand what you are offering so
you are able to make a lasting impact on them.

Know your event

Knowing the event you are
attending can really help you make the most impact. Every event is different
and is organised in a different way. The event organiser is a good person to
have on your side. They are happy to discuss what will work best for their
event as well as having experience of what does and doesn’t work.

If you’d like to talk to us about new and exciting ways to make a big impact at your next exhibition please get in touch.

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