Creative ways to encourage visitors to your exhibition stand

Once you’ve decided to attend your next exhibition, you’ll now be thinking about ways to attract people to your stand - especially if you don’t have a tangible product. So how exactly can this be achieved? We’ve put together a few ideas below to get you started.

Give them a competition or game

Who doesn’t love a competition or game? Visitors relish in the chance of winning something, and the range of competitions to choose from for your exhibition stand is endless: it could be the classic ‘guess the number of sweets’, a product giveaway (that allows you to collect information for your mailing list) or something bigger and bolder that draws a crowd to your stand. 

We created a stand for Pulsin that incorporated a large, lit spinning wheel – visitors could spin the wheel and win several prizes on offer. We also created a stand for eGym that hosted a fun strength challenge. Both were a great way of creating a buzz around the stands and building brand awareness, as well as allowing our clients to collect contact information from potential customers

Creative ways to encourage visitors to your exhibition stand - image 1
Visitors relish in the chance of winning something
Creative ways to encourage visitors to your exhibition stand - image 2
Visitors could spin the wheel and win several prizes on offer

Design with impact 

Your exhibition stand has a limited time to make an impact, so design is key to creating an eye-catching and impactful exhibition stand. Sticking to one key message and thinking about how customers will move around your stand is vital to show success. Working with an experienced design team will certainly help you to succeed.

Up, up, up

If you’re attending a show that allows you to think big and have a taller stand, or one that has the space for you to expand upwards, grab the opportunity: it means you can make a big impression without the need for a lot of floor space. Taller stands are less common at events – because of this they’re another way to make your stand pop out to visitors and to create a beacon for your customers.

Eye-catching media 

Exhibition stands are traditionally made from printed media, but they don’t have to be as simple as that. Using elements such as living walls, plywood and other less common materials gives visitors something unique to look at. Stands that feature eye-catching walls can be a real draw for people to take pictures and selfies against – increasing your exposure across social media.

Organiser social media

Organisers of shows and events increasingly offer social media coverage for exhibitors. Why not find out about the offerings for your event and get your stand featured? Along with your own social media presence, this further increases coverage, driving intrigued customers to your stand.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any other ideas, simply drop us a comment or get in touch!

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