Exhibition Stand Trends for Elevate 2020

Elevate is one of the best to attend if you are looking to
launch products, exhibit current offerings, communicate key messages and
explain services to the UK’s connected physical activity, therapy and elite performance
sectors. The show is attended by key decision makers from across the industry giving
great opportunity for learning, introducing new brands and making valuable
connections. We’ve taken a look at some of the trends we expect to at Elevate
2020 and shared our top 3 below.


Exhibition stands that offer some kind of gamification look to be a big trend for Elevate 2020. It’s no surprise especially in an industry that has competition at its very heart that adding an element of game play or competition is a big draw to booths. We predict Elevate 2020 will feature stands that invite visitors to take part in competitions and test skills in exciting new ways. If you’d like to find out more about using games in your exhibition stand why not check out our post here.  


Environmental awareness and sustainable options are also likely to feature heavily at elevate 2020. Not only in terms of the products on offer but also the exhibition stands created for the event. Exhibitors are likely to look for environmental options with their exhibition stands too. Using options such as reusable elements in their exhibition stands. Hiring elements including furniture and equipment as well as choosing recyclable options for their exhibition stand construction. Graphic Mill offer a wide range of environmentally friendly solutions for exhibitions.


Elevate is a show that is at the forefront of the physical activity industry and will always have a strong focus on technology. We anticipate this continuing into Elevate 2020 with wearable tech, increasingly complex gadgets and aids that make training more connected. This trend will be reflected in exhibition stand styles too with a focus on clean high-tech imagery and clever use of technology to draw visitors to stands through things such as connected gaming, AR and large screen displays.

If you are thinking of exhibiting at Elevate 2020 get in touch today for a chat about your stand and the trends you would like to set!

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