6 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Exhibition Stand

How do you get the best from your exhibition stand?

Work out your goals

If you want your exhibition stand to perform for you, you
need to know what you are trying to achieve, perhaps you are trying to bring
awareness to a new product, re-brand an existing product or launch in a new

Take your time

The very best exhibition stands, that you can get the most from, are a product of time, planning your event six months out gives the ideal amount of time to perfect the design and create a high-quality finished stand. We understand this isn’t always practical but investing as much time as you are able into your stand, regardless of the time frame to produce it, really makes a difference in creating the most impactful display.

Think about how to use your space

When you have chosen your stand it is worth thinking about
how you can use the space allocated, different positions in the event. If your
stand is near to the café for example think about adding chairs to allow people
to sit with a drink whilst they take in your stand.

Add a seating area to allow people to sit with a drink at your stand

Keep it simple

Know your message, an exhibition gives you limited space to
get your message across cluttering a stand with overly busy graphics or text
means visitors are likely to move onto. Your stand should have a simple message
that visitors can understand quickly. If you have a larger stand showing
multiple products or brands using zones can help to identify the different offerings
and keep things simple!

Keep it simple with clearly branded areas and a clean approach

Learn from previous experience

Think about previous shows and what worked for you as well
as what didn’t work so well. Elements of previous stands that can be brought
into new designs as well as things that from experience that don’t work on your

Use the right contractor for you

Planning your exhibition is stressful, representing your brand at an event you have a limited time to make an impact.  It’s important to choose a contractor that works as part of your team, that you can communicate with effectively. Graphic Mill are ESSA registered, using an ESSA member to create your stand gives the confidence that you are dealing with an experienced company.

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