Increasing visitor interaction with exhibition stand games

Getting visitors to engage with your exhibition stand is key for trade show success. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of engaging ideas to feature on your next exhibition stand. Prepare to draw in those crowds...


Introducing a simple quiz about your services or products is a sure-fire way of engaging your exhibition audience, promoting brand interaction, drawing attention to your stand and contextualising your offer. Quizzes give you the chance to gain measurable results from your exhibition, like increasing social media traffic and generating leads. 

Real-life games

Games not only provide a fun and memorable exhibition presence for visitors, they also help exhibitors to promote their brands and capture visitor data. Games can be virtual, physical or a mixture of both. We love creating bespoke game experiences for our customers, such as prize wheels and challenges. Or why not hold a building contest, allowing people to recreate your products using Lego or other building materials? See who can make the most life-like representation… or the worst attempt!

exhibition stand games can all help to make your stand pop.
Help exhibitors to
promote their brands
and capture visitor data
Full Green exhibition stand game
Invite people to take
a picture featuring your
stand or branding


Interactive surveys allow you to collect facts, figures and customer feedback and can help you to engage customers quickly and easily. Surveys also give you the opportunity to test opinion and to share summaries and results on social media, giving you another draw to your stand. 

Photo point 

Creating a photo point on your exhibition stand will invite people to take a picture or selfie featuring your stand and branding. This adds a fun element, as well as giving your brand more exposure on social with potential customers who didn’t attend the event. You could also take pictures of visitors and feature them on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Stories, encouraging visitors to follow you and find their photos.

Themed games 

Using events that are popular around the time of your exhibition such as sporting events – World Cups, Wimbledon, the Olympics etc. – and linking these to activities on your stand is a relevant way to drive footfall. 

Online games 

Having online games accessed on your stand is a great way of encouraging visitors to engage with your brand, as well as giving you the opportunity to collect their contact information. Games can feature a particular service or product that you’re looking to promote, and are another way to build brand awareness at your event.

If you want to talk to us about some of these ideas – or if you have any suggestions for engaging exhibition stand games – then please get in touch!

VR exhibition stand game
Games can feature a
particular service or
product that you wish
to promote

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