Lighting your Exhibition Stand or Window Display

Lighting exhibition stands really makes them noticeable and illuminates for visitors as they pass. Lights can also be used to highlight specific areas of your stand drawing attention to products or information.

Lighting to complement

It’s unlikely that you will be able to control the lighting levels at your next exhibition but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore lighting features on your stand. Lighting can and should be used to complement your stand, attract visitors and effectively and attractively convey your brand. Using lighting can help build awareness of your exhibition stand by 30%-50% so it is worth thinking about for your exhibition stand.

bathtub window display
Our window display for amazon uses clever lighting to give the appearance of water

Lighting to draw in visitors

Lights can help to automatically draw the eye of visitors to your stand or retail window display, helping to communicate your marketing messages quickly, allowing them to form a good first impression and drawing them to your stand. Humans tend to drift towards light and having a well lit stand will help draw humans to you.

Our Stand for Califia Farms uses lighting to lift the logo

Lighting by design

Good exhibition stand designers are aware of the
best lighting practices and will know which surfaces work most effectively with
light, how different light sources look when in daylight and how different
lights will distribute light and the level of illumination given by various
options. Exhibition designers will use your brief to best place lighting based
on your requirements. 

The Pulsin prize wheel uses lighting to draw in visitors

Lighting for mood

Lighting can be used to create a mood and this is another element that will be taken into account by a good exhibition stand designer. If you would like your stand to have a welcoming and relaxed feel low level and off balance lighting can be used to solidify the mood. Where as brighter and evenly lit, cooler lighting in the space might be more appropriate for showcasing certain products and creating a feeling of a more public space. Considering lighting is vital when considering the atmosphere of your stand. Whatever the mood you wish to capture using the right lighting will make your exhibition stand look more impressive and professional.

Lighting used to make fitbit colour pop

Coloured Lighting

Using coloured lighting can also have a big impact
on the mood of visitors to your stand. Colour choices should be made carefully
taking into consideration the impact of different shades, using blue can add a
calming feel to your stand but could also be cold depending on how the light is

Lighting for safety

Lighting is a really cost effective way to increase the impact of your stand but you should chose a contractor that can provide you the most environmentally friendly options. Our exhibition stands use LED lights that are more attractive, energy efficient, cost-effective and durable than standard lightbulbs. LED lights use very little power and stay much cooler than other kinds of bulbs. Making LEDs much safer for visitors to your stand as well as being able to position the lighting closer to the stand without causing overheating.  

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