Our top secrets to successful exhibitions

Exhibitions and trade shows can be stressful, especially when your event is just around the corner and you feel under-prepared. But there are a number of things you can do to make your experience a little less overwhelming – and a lot more successful.

The key is in the planning. An exhibition gives you an exciting opportunity to interact with your audience face-to-face and build lasting relationships… in a way digital marketing simply can’t.

We’ve put together some useful planning tips that’ll help you to have a stress-free and successful event every time.

Chose the right show

Introducing a simple quiz about your services or products is a brilliant way to engage your exhibition audience, promoting brand interaction, to draw attention to your stand and contextualise your offer. Quizzes give you the chance to gain measurable results from your exhibition such as increasing social media traffic and generating leads.

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Research any showsyou are interested in.
secrets to successful exhibitions - Giveaways and games image
Giveaways and games
can all help to make
your stand pop.

Pick your spot 

Once you’ve decided on the show/s, it’s time to pick your spot. Prime locations tend to be snapped up quickly, so if you want the perfect spot you’ll need to register at least six months before the start of the show. Having a space that best suits your needs and budget will have a big impact on the success of your show. If you’re able to visit another show at the venue beforehand and get a feel for the space, this will really help you decide on what space will work best for you – and where you should avoid! Although the entrance or the middle of the exhibition hall may seem like a good idea, your stand can easily be missed in the congestion.

Make an impact 

So, you’ve picked your space – what are you going to do with it to maximise ROI? A great exhibition stand needs to be a true reflection of your brand and should be individual and unique to you. Interactive elements, giveaways and games can all help to make your stand pop. Check out our other posts on creating stands with big impact for more ideas on this.

It’s not just about the day

Putting a lot of effort into show planning is only worth it if you let others know. If you’re using the event to meet with existing key customers, let them know you’re attending! If you want to meet new customers who might be considering working with you, it’s a good idea to advertise your attendance. Share on social media and create a buzz around the fact you’re going to be there. And don’t forget to follow up with leads, customers and supporters after the show to see maximum ROI.

Create a buzz around your attendance
Create a buzz around
your attendance

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