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We create exciting exhibition stand designs that spark excitement and bring people together

A multidisciplinary design, print and fabrication company delivering high quality exhibition stand designs across the UK. We offer specialist manufacturing for custom builds and installations, combining print with custom fabrication to create projects that stand out.

Graphic Mill balance creativity with meticulous organisation and attention to detail to deliver your project and help you stand out in a powerful and engaging way.

Our aim is simple, to deliver exciting events that make an impact and connect people.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

You’ll find us at these upcoming shows:

✏ Bett Exhibition – 19-21 Jan Spaces available

🍬 ISM Show – 30 Jan – 2 Feb Fully booked

🛒 Smart Retail Tech Expo – 2-3 Mar Spaces available

💊 Future Health Innovations – 15-16 Mar Now booking

🩺 Digital Health Rewired – 15-16 Mar Now booking

🍕 International Food & Drink IFE – 21-23 Mar Now booking

🍽 HRC Exhibition– 21-23 Mar Now booking

💄 In-Cosmetics Global – 5-7 Apr Spaces available

🍫 National Convenience Show – 25-27 Apr Now booking

👩‍🌾 Farm Shop and Deli Show – 25-27 Apr Now booking

💻 Learning Technologies – 4-5 May Spaces available

🚄 Railtex Show – 10-12 May Spaces available

🧯 Firex International – 17-19 May Now booking

🔐 Infosecurity Europe Show – 21-23 Jun Now booking

Naidex Show – 6-7 Jul Now booking

🍫 Lunch! Exhibition – 14-15 Sept Now booking

👩‍⚕️ HETT Exhibition – 27-28 Sept Now booking

📱 Restaurant & Bar Tech Live – 19-20 Oct Now booking

🥡 Restaurant & Takeaway Innovations – 19-20 Oct Now booking

Event not listed? Get in touch to see if we can help.

Our experienced exhibition stand design team provide a full concept-to-reality design service

Explore this stand in the 3D Viewer

To find out more about our design service, check our How Does The Exhibition Stand Design Process Work? article or book a meeting for a friendly chat with our exhibition stand designers.

The focus for every show exhibitor is drawing in the crowds and flaunting the brand. To ensure your stand is a success, there are several points that we keep in mind during the planning stage.

lunch! show stands

1. Having a clear focus of what your stand needs to achieve will make the design process run much smoother. Whether launching a new brand or showcasing your product offering, there are lots of reasons to exhibit. Knowing your expected outcomes allow us to create a space tailored to your purpose.

Airelogic Exhibition HETT 26

2. Keeping your branding consistent across the stand is a must, and the best stands are an extension of the brand ethos and culture. Everything from seating style through to screen content should reflect the brand where possible.

Hitachi Trade Show Exhibition Stand Railtex

3. Considering what stand elements you require. There are lots of different elements to consider, including storage, lighting, work surfaces, meeting spaces, and digital and physical content. For smaller stand sizes, our designers can work clever solutions in, and for larger stands, we focus on creating a clear visitor flow.

For more stand inspiration, check our 10+ Best Exhibition Stand Trends for 2022 article or book a meeting for a friendly chat with our exhibition stand designers.

1. Brief Consultation

We’ll get started with a short consultation over the phone or Zoom where we’ll discuss your goals for the exhibition, past experiences and brand ambitions.

This is also a great opportunity to discuss the best way to get the maximum value from your budget.

2. Virtual Exhibition Stand Design

We’ll get to work on your design and present you with a virtual stand design draft for your review.

We start by defining the layout and visitor flow to make the most of the space. We’ll fill in the branding using any images provided and from your website to aid the visual process.

At this stage, we will provide a full quote for the project.

3. Feedback and Revised Designs

Once you’ve reviewed your design, there will always be tweaks and changes to be made – there can be a few rounds of designs to get the stand looking perfect.

4. Revise Branding

Once you’re happy with the layout and style of the stand, we’ll refine the branding and messaging. For this, we either use your own in house/freelance designers or you can use our team to prepare the artwork.

5. Final Designs

With the final branding, we’ll create a set of stand visuals that will give a real impression of your stand. We can make final tweaks to the furniture layout and layout to make sure you’re 100% happy with how your stand will look.

When booking your stand at the exhibition show, you’ll be given the choice of either a Space Only or Shell Scheme stand. It’s important to understand what you get with each option and pick the stand space that is most suitable to your needs.

Shell Scheme Stands

Emerald Learning Tech Exhibition 26

When you purchase a Shell Scheme space, you’re generally provided with a base structure, carpet and fascia card. The space will be neighboured with other brands in the show, and you can often choose to go near brands similar to your own. The layout inside the space is up to you, within the confines of the structure. Walls are usually clad with full height graphics, and counters or displays can be incorporated to extend the stand’s functionality. When used to their full capacity, Shell Scheme stands can look fantastic.

Space Only Stands

Food Doctor Lunch Exhibition 3

Conversely with a Space Only stand, you don’t get any structure, rather an open canvas to design any stand experience you wish. The space is usually in a more prominent position in the show, and can be an island stand, or neighboured with one or two other show exhibitors. With a Space Only stand you get the flexibility to create a space that is tailored to your requirements, with design options available for all budgets.

To work out which type of stand is more suitable for you, you should consider your aims for the show. If you’re looking to create a tailored, distinctive brand experience with no distractions from adjoining stands, then a Space Only stand is for you. If you’re looking for a space that packs punch for a more modest budget, providing creativity within a standardised framework, then Shell Schemes are what you need.

At Graphic Mill, our main aims are to ensure that your exhibition stand looks fantastic, is built to our high standards, and that we provide a service that runs smoothly throughout your project.

We design our with reusability in mind, which is not only better for the environment, but also brings down your costs for future shows. The modular nature of our designs enables stands to be easily adapted to fit different size spaces.

We have 3 packages to help give you an idea of how to budget for your stand.


Custom Exhibition Stand
Nervecentre Exhibition HETT 07

The next level stand – these stands include extra
Interactive elements and more complex structures

Perfect for space-only stand spaces. Our service includes hire of structure, AV, lighting, flooring, furniture and installation.

First Show: £700-£900 per SQM
Reinstall: £350-£450 per SQM

These guide prices include design, stand manufacture, graphics production, project management and installation.

On future exhibitions, we enable you to reconfigure your stand, to fit the new stand space, at a much-reduced cost.


Custom Exhibition Stand
lunch! show stands

Our most popular package, these stands are built using our modular framework
and allow much more creative freedom

Perfect for space-only or shell scheme stand spaces. Our service includes hire of structure, AV, lighting, flooring, furniture and installation.

First Show: £500-£700 per SQM
Reinstall: £300-£400 per SQM

These guide prices include design, stand manufacture, graphics production, project management and installation.

On future exhibitions, we enable you to reconfigure your stand, to fit the new stand space, at a much reduced cost.


Shell Scheme Stand
Rude Health Body Power 2018

Eye-catching stand perfect for making an
impact on a modest budget.

Perfect for shell scheme stand spaces. We offer portable display solutions that are quick and easy to install.

First Show: £100-£400 per SQM

These guide prices include design, graphics production and project management. Stands are designed to be easily reused for future shows.

These prices exclude VAT, and organiser fees (stand space, electrics, internet, rigging)

In order to deliver the perfect exhibition stand, we always recommend starting the process as early as possible. The longer you have to refine a design, the better it will be. We can cater to most timescales without compromising our high level of quality, but we generally work to a 3 month schedule, broken down like so:

Month 1

Draft Designs. At this stage, we have our initial design consultation with you to find out what you’re looking to achieve at the show, and understand your budget and stand requirements. We create a virtual stand design for you to review, coupled with a full quotation for the project.

Month 2

Design Development. We then take your feedback on board and work to develop your stand to perfection. Any branding and artworking is worked on and applied to the 3D visuals, giving you a close representation of the final stand.

Month 3

Once you’ve signed off your final design pack, we begin the construction of your stand, printing the graphics and crafting the custom elements. We pre-build your stand in our facility to ensure a smooth running on the show day with no surprises.

Once the pre-build is complete and you’re happy with the stand, our logistics team work closely with our installers, providing transportation and build at the show.