Amazon Window Display at Whole Foods Market – Jan 2018


Graphic Mill was invited to pitch to design, create and install an Amazon window display that would take-over all six windows at the Whole Foods Market store on Kensington High Street.

The window would need to showcase different Amazon brands including, kindle, echo, prime now and fresh. Up to two guest brands, popular on Amazon’s website would also appear in the windows but these had not been confirmed at this stage.

Working with our designer Hannah Meur we developed a concept that focused on the products in the home with sketch like backdrops highlighting the different products or services. These coincidentally looked similar to the echo adverts you may have seen during over Christmas 2017


After informing us we’d won the pitch, we further developed the Amazon window display concept with the relevant product marketing teams. This saw a change from the sketchy feel to real looking rooms with real furniture. Each window would be separate, but passers-by would have the feeling of flowing from room to room.

For consistency 3D logos were placed on every window and different coloured vinyl framed the glass, displaying key messaging for each product in each of the different windows.

Window 1 & 2 were taken over by AmazonFresh – the first window was simply a graphic wall featuring fresh products and supporting five large TVs and the story of Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods and what this means for customers. The TVs would play multiple videos looped in sync complimenting the written messaging.

Window 2 became the kitchen. It appears as though there’s been a large AmazonFresh delivery to the home. Products were laid out across the counter and floor in over flowing AmazonFresh branded bags. Showing a variety of products that are available to buy on Amazon Fresh. Window vinyl’s frame the room and call out messages allow passers-by to know more about AmazonFresh and a discount code. The faux kitchen was made from MDF and painted, with a kitchen worktop. Kitchenware was placed on the worktop and in the open shelving units which were visible from both inside and outside the Wholefoods store. Large foamex posters displayed further messaging about the AmazonFresh grocery shopping service.

Window 3 was dedicated to primenow and the home’s open plan living and dining area. Because of the triple aspect to this window we added a dividing wall in the window to give the appearance of the interior and exterior of a house. This wall was made from 10mm foamex and real furniture was used to fill the room. Similar to window 2, it appears as though there has just been a primenow delivery, again with favourite products laid out around the room and also the doorway of the house in branded primenow bags. A large TV was placed in the lounge area playing a primenow marketing video on a loop. Window vinyl’s frame the glass and include key product messaging and call outs focusing on primenow’s two hour delivery option. A large hanging foamex poster is displayed in the curved glass window inside the store.

In Window 4 we showcased Amazon echo in a snug style room. Alexa utterances made from foamex were hung in the window, displaying ways in which Alexa can help in everyday life. The lighting in this window includes Alexa operated Philips Hue bulbs which dim and brighten to attract attention to the room. The room was filled with furniture, a large artificial plant and a floor rug. The space was also floodlit for additional brightness day and night.

Window 5 became the bathroom where you’d relax and read your new waterproof kindle oasis. A real bath was placed into the window on a vinyl patterned bathroom floor. Large splashes made from acrylic were up lit from inside the bath with the kindle suspended just above the splash. Books were hung from the ceiling as if they were a cloud of books from within the kindle. Bathroom tile panels were fixed to the back-wall window to give a more realistic bathroom look and a towel ladder and towels were placed next to the bath.

Finally, window 6 was the only window that didn’t feature an Amazon product. The window was dedicated to FitBit and therefore had to have some differentiation from the other Amazon branded windows. We decided to create the FitBit logo in 13 circular lightboxes. This created a new challenge for our production team as it wasn’t something we’d done before. These were hung on vertical drop wires set back from the window pane. Behind the lightboxes, the back wall was covered in artificial grass to add texture and contrast to look and feel of the window. This also gives the feeling of being outdoors and active where you would predominantly use a Fitbit.

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