Ambitious Exhibitions with a Small Budget

If you are thinking of jumping back into exhibitions in late 2020 or early 2021 the chances are things look a little different to the last time you exhibited. Maybe your budget is compacted but your ideas are not, or perhaps your one of the new businesses that has started up in 2020 and your looking to attend your first exhibitions to spread the word as soon as we are free of limitations. Whatever your reason there is always a way to make a big impact with a small budget, we’ve got some suggestions for you.

Small Space Big Ideas

You might think to make a big impact with your exhibition you need to have a big space, with a little creative thinking the smallest of stands can still have the biggest impact.

Big exhibition stands can sometimes become in-cohesive and unclear about their message with too much space for every idea.

Having a smaller exhibition space allows you to focus more clearly on one message and the intention for your exhibition.

A smaller space also gives you the opportunity to focus on quality of design and the production of your stand.

High quality prints and design will help you to stand out from others attending the show and leave a great first impression.

Make it Reusable

Another great way to make the most of a small exhibition budget for a big impact is to make your stand reusable.

The whole stand can be made reusable for future events, which might mean a bigger initial investment but gives the opportunity to just turn up and go at your next event and the next.

Another way to make your stand more sustainable and reusable is to have elements of it made to be reused, items such as light boxes, giant packaging, that can be used in all kinds of situations again and again give a sustainable way to big impact and can be created to suit your budget.

Design Worth Shouting About

Great design is the key to making your exhibition stand fit the bill whatever the budget. The best exhibition stands that are designed with an understanding of the brand, the customer, the space, and the wider exhibition.

Working with a designer or using a design template created by a designer who understands your brand as well as how spaces work will help you to have the best impact regardless of budget, investing in well thought out design will give even the smallest space or the tightest budget the best chance of success.

Think Outside the Box

Do something different- if your exhibition budget is limited this could be the perfect opportunity to create a completely unexpected stand.

Maybe you have a lead product that you’d like to display and get people talking about- why not dedicate your stand to it with giant packaging doing the talking? Really want the social shares from the show? How about creating a stand focused on creating the perfect picture opportunity that will encourage your visitors to snap and share.

Or perhaps a game would draw in your potential customers dedicating your stand to have the ultimate talking point at your show is a great way to make a big impact without a big budget.

Whatever the way we are really looking forward to working on some exciting exhibitions, only limited by imagination!

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