Future Exhibitions

With the impact of Covid-19 the exhibitions and event industries are looking remarkably different in 2020 to how we may have expected them to in the summer of 2019! At Graphic Mill we’ve taken the chance to look at some of the positive changes we can expect to exhibitions when the exhibition halls reopen.

Be Specific

It’s likely that exhibitions of the future will be smaller and more focused on reaching a specific community. The UK already holds a larger number of quite specialist exhibitions and we expect this number to rise giving brands the chance to reach their customers face to face in an even more targeted way. -Great news if you want your brand to be in front of the right people!

Get Technical

One of the great things to come from exhibitions, in the tradition sense, being on pause has been the development of technology to keep us all more connected. At future events we’re likely to see an increase in technology being used giving your exhibition stand a greater chance of reaching a wider audience who are attending virtually along with those who are physically there. – this is fantastic news for exhibitors as more and more events will have virtual elements organised by the organisers giving the opportunity to grow a following.

All About Quality

There are likely to be fewer events with the focus on quality at each event rather than attending multiple shows.

Brands be even more choosy when picking what events to attend but the successful events will be even more important to attend if you want your brand to be noticed.

Sustainability won’t be forgotten though with exhibition stands designed for use at multiple events with new or existing graphics and with options to reconfigure based on the size of the exhibition space- something that we are no strangers to at Graphic Mill, we can’t wait for the new design challenges future exhibitions will bring.

Fewer Queues and more Organised Attendance

Future events will adopt virtual queuing systems so that queues to attend shows at the beginning of the day will be eliminated or at least reduced.

When attending shows it’s likely that you’ll be required to provide a day that you plan on attending and for some shows you’ll asked to provide the timeslot that you’ll be attending to ensure that everyone is able to attend and maintain social distancing.

With show attendance spaced out it will be possible to spend more time with everyone who visits your stand and less chance of missing meeting someone who could be brilliant for your brand.

Step this way

Exhibitions will, in much the same way as we’ve grown used to in shops, adopt one-way systems which means your exhibition space will need to stand out, first impressions will really count.

Shows Will Go On and On and On

Exhibitions are likely to last longer, with smaller numbers being admitted each day giving your brand more time to make an impression as well as giving more opportunity to meet with multiple customers and potential customers before, during and after the main exhibition has finished for the day.

It’s going to look different and we are certain it will be great fun to exhibit again soon!

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