Top Tips for your first trade show

or exhibition part 2

Continuing our series on attending your first trade show we are focusing on the exhibition itself, what to do whilst you are there to make the most of your investment.

Invest in proper installation and de-rig services

Depending on your chosen exhibition stand it’s likely that you will need a level of installation services. Portable stands are usually suitable to be put up without assistance. Shell schemes, modular exhibition stands and bespoke exhibition stands usually require an install team. At Graphic Mill we offer a complete service from concept design to de-rig and storage ensuring that your first exhibition stand will look professional and minimising your stress on the day. Using our install and de-rig services also ensures that any snags on the stand will be resolved without you having to worry. Our de-rig and storage also ensures that your stand will be ready to use again the next time you wish to attend an exhibition or event.

Acknowledge everyone that passes by

Engaging with visitors that pass your stand, by saying hi and asking questions, people like to be noticed and saying Hi is likely to make people stop at your exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand will draw people to you and engaging with those visitors will allow you to make your first exhibition a bug success.

Know your exhibition hall

Find out where your competitors are and know where your target market is. A trade show is a great place to learn about what your competitors are offering and how they are advertising. Looking at other attendees can be a source of inspiration for the exhibition you are attending as well as for future events. Knowing the show is also useful for making new contacts and looking for other businesses that you may want to work or partner with.

Keep leads organised

You will hopefully be speaking to lots of people at your first exhibition and you might not remember everyone. Take as many details as possible. Take business cards and make notes this will help you when you follow up, remembering details will help you to follow up with a personal touch.

Dress comfortably

You’ll spend a lot of time at your first exhibition on your feet so wearing comfortable shoes is a must. Along with wearing layers to accommodate for the exhibition venue being too hot or too cold.

Bring Essentials

Bring with you anything that you can’t do without with you to your first exhibition, water, snacks, pens, chargers and mints are all useful additions.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun, your first exhibition will represent a lot of hard work and it should be enjoyable, enjoy making new connections and being out of the office!

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