Top Tips for your first trade show

or exhibition part 1

Attending your first trade show can be nerve-wracking, done right your first trade show
should be successful and a launch pad for future endeavors. If you have never
exhibited before it can be hard to know what to expect as well as the pitfalls
to avoid.


It’s important to plan for your first trade show in advance, research your chosen
exhibition, look for the right exhibition stand contractor.

Ensure you have people to man your exhibition stand and that the dates and location of the exhibition work for you and your business.

Register Early

Lots of trade shows offer the chance of early registration, registering early gives you
the advantage of having more time to plan.

Another advantage of registering early for your first trade show or exhibition can often be the potential discount, many trade shows and exhibitions offer early-bird discounts that mean you could secure a better booth at the event than if you had waited and had to
pay more.

Set your budget

Knowing your budget before you start will help you make key show decisions, what show
to attend, how you will travel, the size of your space at the exhibition and
what kind of exhibition stand you opt for.

When you have a clear idea of your available budget you’ll be able to decide how to staff your first exhibition and you’ll have a measure for success.

Be Creative

The first exhibition you attend will involve a lot of planning but there is no reason it shouldn’t also be a lot of fun! You don’t necessarily need a big budget to create an exhibition stand that makes a big impact.
We’ve got lots of examples to inspire you and a network of designers that we can put you in touch with. We love helping our customers ideas come to life and helping brands grow from their first exhibition to their 100th!

Buy Quality

Your first exhibition could be the first time your brand has had a physical presence in
front of potential customers and that first impression needs to be right to
encourage them to become customers.

You want your exhibition stand to be remembered for the right reasons, if your exhibition stand is poorly fitted, badly designed or faded you’ll give the wrong impression of your brand.

Quality exhibition displays and equipment will give a positive image of your professionalism and the quality of your products or services.

Look out for potential customers

Most trade shows will be able to provide you with an attendee list prior to the
event, it might be included in the price of your space in the hall or something
that is additional, if it is available it can provide you with invaluable information.

who is attending the show can help you plan your efforts attracting your target market.

Tailoring your approach to the specific target market or markets at the show will help you make the most of your first trade show.

Think Social

Social Media is one of the best ways to draw attention to your first trade show. Use
social media to create a buzz around the exhibition from those who are already
interested in your product as well as to aid people in discovering your brand.

It’s also a good idea to run social media competitions that incentivize followers
to visit your stand or share your marketing and expand your audience.

Set Goals

To measure you success at your first trade show you’ll need to have goals set otherwise you’ll be relying on your gut feelings about the how the exhibition went.

Some useful goals might be having a target of a specific number of sales as a result of the exhibition or interacting with an gaining contact details of a specific number or attendees or it could be making contact with that key potential new client . Goals like this will give you a clear idea of if you’ve succeeded in your first exhibition.

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