Graphic Mill round up 2019

We’ve had a fantastic 2019 here at Graphic Mill welcoming 4 new members of staff, updating our equipment, expanding our premises and re-branding our vans! Not only has it been a big year for us as a business we’ve also been fortunate enough to be involved in some fantastic projects. We’ve rounded up a small number of them below!

Deliciously Ella

We kicked off the year with a fantastic window display for Deliciously Ella, featuring elements from the deli, book and app focusing on the delicious vegan product range and bringing a pop of colour to the winter High street.

Good Practice

Shortly after the window we designed, built and delivered this stand for Good Practice at Learning Technologies show, featuring a living wall and showcasing the evolution of learning. The stand was tall and stood out in the busy exhibition hall. The stand was impactful open and green really differentiating it from the others at Learning Technologies. You can find out more about this stand here.

Tony’s Chocolonely

 Early in the year we began working with Tony’s chocolonely, working with them at several events and for whole foods market window displays during the year. Our favourite being the whole foods market window that contained gigantic chocolate bars, that looked really realistic and good enough to eat. By the end of the project we were all dreaming in chocolate!


This year we were also fortunate enough to work with eGym to create their largest exhibition stand yet, this fantastic stand at Elevate. The exhibition stand took visitors on a journey through the various eGym offerings and gave space to compete in the strength challenge that was running on the stand for the duration of the show. You can find out more about this stand here.

Information Security Europe

We continued our presence at Information Security Europe (InfoSec) too with a couple of lovely stands for SecureEnvoy and Intsights both stands were bright and stood out from the others at the event. You can find out more about them here and here.


We were fortunate enough to continue working with Pulsin this year developing their exhibition offering into a custom exhibition stand, featuring a game spinner, backlighting and handy storage. Pulsin used their stand at several different events and shows across the year including Balance Festival and Stylist Live. You can find out more about this stand here.  

Captian Kombucha

This year we have worked with Captain Kombucha across their UK exhibitions designing and building a boat themed stand that could be reconfigured to attend multiple events in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The exhibition stand looked really effective at the different shows and was used in multiple configurations making it a truly sustainable option. You can find out more here.

Captain Kombucha Taste of London Exhibition Stand Boat


In 2019 we were fortunate to continue our relationship with Califia farms taking their exhibition stands to Big Feastival, Taste of London Festival and Lunch!  Giving a fresh and vibrant feel at each event.


Talking of Lunch! We had a fantastic time at the show again this year with a large number of clients who we worked with to design, build and deliver their stands. We had such a big presence at lunch it’s impossible to mention everyone here but take a look at our show round up so see some fantastic stands.

Rude Health

2019 also saw some brilliant projects with Rude Health, working on stands across a number of shows including London Coffee Festival, Lunch! and Caffe Culture along with a coffee shop inspired window at Whole Foods market. You can read more about our work with Rude Health this year here.

Coming Up

And that’s just some of the great projects we’ve worked on in 2019. This time of year, isn’t just for looking backwards though. We have some really exciting projects in the works for 2019 and are set to attend, Learning Technologies, Hotels Restaurants and Catering and In Cosmetics Global to name a few.

If you are thinking of exhibiting in 2020 then talk to us today!

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