How to make your exhibition stand more sustainable?

As businesses and individuals become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, sustainability ranks highly on many of our client’s lists. It’s often a priority that their exhibition stand is sustainable, we are being asked an increased number of questions about how exhibition stands can be manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way.

Unfortunately, the exhibition industry isn’t a leader in sustainable practices and it is widely recognised for having a considerable carbon footprint due to the amount of wasted materials, energy consumption and international travel taken to attend shows.

This is why at Graphic Mill we place significant importance on sustainably and what we do to combat waste and keep sustainability at the forefront of our agenda. The list below offers some advice on how you can make your exhibition stand and event presence more sustainable.

Using sustainable or recycled materials on our builds

We know how much it matters to our customers that we use sustainably sourced materials, so where possible we source FSC certified wood as a priority. Therefore, we are committed to buying timber that has been certified as sourced from well-managed forests.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work we do, plastics are often the best product for the job. We use foamex panels which have been recycled and therefore have a better carbon footprint than brand new sheets of the material.

Despite being less durable, cardboards are becoming more popular to print on and use in displays so this is another option if a client wants to avoid using plastics on their stand altogether.  

Designing with reusability in mind

We recommend that our customers design their stands with reusability in mind, so the elements created for their exhibition stand are not single use. Not only is this better for the environment it’s also a more cost-effective solution.

We can hire framework systems to create space only exhibition stands and have storage on site so can look after your graphics and exhibition kit until your next event.

Recycling waste materials

As your stand builder we recycle as much of our waste as possible. Our wood, plastic and cardboard waste goes to dedicated recycling units, diverting them away from landfill and in the last year we have increased the amount of materials we recycle by 60%.

Energy efficient lighting

When adding lighting to our exhibition stands, we build with LED lights which are more attractive, energy efficient, cost-effective and durable than standard lightbulbs. Our workshop and studio are also kitted out with energy efficient bulbs, not only does this save money whilst saving the environment, lighting also effects the mood and wellbeing of our team. 

Food waste

Working with many food brands on exhibition stands we encourage ways to reduce food waste after events and shows where much food goes in the bin. There are many initiatives which can help like Olio the food sharing app which will collect surplus food from events which can be shared and not thrown away.

If you’ve heard about any new and exciting ways to combat sustainability in the exhibition industry or have new ideas on how you plan to make your exhibition stand more sustainable, let us know as we’d love to learn more.

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