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Want your exhibition stand to become a talking point, both at the event and afterwards?

We can make this happen. At Graphic Mill, we use our combined experience to design, build and deliver outstanding results. Over the years, we’ve built up a reputation for our trusted, reliable and innovative exhibition stand designs and window display services. 

Ready to see some of the stands we’ve created in action? Browse through our case studies below and get in touch today to chat through your brand’s latest project.

  1. Nervecentre

    Digital Health Rewired

    Case Study 01

    Digital Health Rewired

    Graphic Mill have been exhibition partners with Nervecentre- a company that’s technology is implemented in over 100 hospitals- we were thrilled to work with them again at Digital Health Rewired.

    This time they wanted to work with the Graphic Mill team to celebrate their 10 year anniversary at Digital Health Rewired.

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  2. Oranka


    Case Study 02

    HRC 2020

    We’d worked with Oranka to provide hydration stations and we were delighted when they contacted us last June to talk about their stand at HRC 2020.

    We were excited to work with them again at HRC 2020 – UK’s largest and most prestigious event for the hospitality and food service industry.

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    Learning Tech

    Case Study 03

    Emerald Works

    Having worked with GoodPractice previously, we were delighted to work on the launch of Emerald Works, a new global company which has been formed from three established international learning organisations coming together – GoodPractice being one of them.

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    ISM 2020

    Case Study 04

    ISM 2020
    Tony’s Chocolonely

    Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch confectionary brand with a focus on making the chocolate industry 100% slave-free. With its fun, distinct and vibrant branding, we enjoyed working with them previously for the Whole Foods Market and UK exhibitions.

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    Case Study 05


    eGym provide state-of-the-art technology and modern training concepts, making workouts fun for everyone.

    We had worked with eGym previously and were excited when they decided to work with us again for their biggest exhibition stand yet (100m²) at Elevate, the UK’s largest trade event dedicated to physical activity.

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